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Why I started Monarch Ideal Care llc

When I sat down and thought about why I chose to become a doctor, it was for the patients. But the practice of medicine has changed so much since I made this decision that it's almost unrecognizable.

While planning my private practice, I was determined to find a way back to a time when physicians had time to actually sit and talk with their patients. When your doctor KNEW you and you knew her. And when whole person preventative care was the standard, not just dealing with illness as they pop up. But I also wanted to be sensitive to the changing times: the need for time efficiency and financial responsibility.
Through the experiences of my training and first jobs; Monarch Ideal Care was born. A practice that has been re-centered around the doctor-patient relationship. My goal is to get you healthy, not just stable; to prevent chronic conditions, not just manage them; to keep you working so that you have the quality of life you desire.  

I bill most Medicaid insurances, major private insurances and also offer a subscription option for those that want the convenience of an on-call doctor without the price tag. Because HOW I'm paid is LESS important than the relationship that I develop with you. I get to know my patients in a deeper way; because you are more than just your condition. You are a unique person and you deserve a unique medical experience!

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