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Functional Medicine Intensive Plans


Functional Medicine visits can be purchased individually. But if you know that this approach is what you are looking for; then check out the intensive options. 

Contemplative Preparation (3 months)  $875 one time fee

You know your health could be better, but unsure about how to achieve it? Interested in learning about Holistic Wellness, but wary about making a long term financial commitment? Start with the 3 month program, have your specialty labs done, and get a sense of how your health can be transformed. We will work together to develop a supplement plan based on your results and a wellness plan that fits your lifestyle. Invest in yourself since you only have the one body. 

Included: Initial Wellness consultation, Specialty Lab Review, Supplement planning and 3 Health coaching visits.

Value: $975 (does NOT include cost of labs or supplements)

Proactive Program (6 months) $1350 one time fee

You want the best results, cost savings, and time to really delve deep into lifestyle changes? Have you attempted lifestyle changes in the past and ended up feeling like a failure? Select the 6 month Proactive program and after completion of your extensive initial health questionnaire, we can get started on mapping out a plan that works for you. Remember: there is no failing when it comes to your health, because every day, every meal is an opportunity to make a different choice.

- Preferred supplement discount of 10%

Included: Initial Wellness consultation, Specialty Lab Review, 2 Supplement planning visits and 6 Health coaching visits. Also 2 massages with Dana Lewis, LMT at Sweetest Massage and Therapy.

Value: $1470 (does NOT include cost of labs or supplements)

Optimize Plan (9 months) $2000 one time fee

You have been ignoring the signs your body has been screaming at you for far too long and you're finally ready to listen? It takes time and patience to repair and heal yourself and you would like a guide during this journey? Optimize your health and lifestyle strategies during this 9 month intensive program. Get back in tune with natural rhythms of your body and reconnect with yourself.

- Preferred supplement discount of 15%

Included: Initial Wellness consultation, 2 Specialty Lab Review, 4 Supplement planning visits and 8 Health coaching visits. Also 4 massages with Dana Lewis, LMT at Sweetest Massage and Therapy.

- Note: you have 2 lab review visits in case you want to repeat labs at month 6. If there's no interest in repeating labs, then this visit can be used as a supplement planning + health coaching visit instead.

Value $2240 (does NOT include cost of labs or supplements)

Note: CareCredit can NOT be used to purchase intensive plans as all services must be completed within 30 days of payment. But you can pay using a monthly payment plan, check that out here.

Holistic Change (6 months) $175 per month

Health coaching

Interested in assistance with developing a plan for lifelong wellness? Looking for a way to change a bad habit? Take the first step toward healing your life with Health Coaching visits provided by Dr McElrath. Work with your physician to bring about holistic change. You get 2 50-minute visits per month either in person or via Zoom meeting.


Included: 12 Health coaching visits.

Value $1170 (does NOT include cost of labs or supplements or other specialty visits)

What happens in the specialty visits?

Initial Wellness Consultation


You have been dealing with these issues for some time and no one has been able to get to the root cause. Let us sit and discuss the issues that cause you to want a different medical approach.  We will go over your completed Living Matrix and begin to formulate a plan to get you back to a healthier baseline.


Living Matrix paperwork needs to be completed 24 hrs prior to appointment to prevent appointment from being cancelled with NO refund of deposit.

Specialty Lab Review

Following your completion of all the recommended lab work, we will meet to discuss the results and formulate a specific supplement program to correct the issues. You will be informed when your results have been received and this appointment type can be scheduled. 

Labs cost $200-450 each and are NOT included in the cost of the visit. *CareCredit can be used to spread out the cost of labs, apply here. Test results can take 7-21 days to result once they have been received by the lab company. 

Supplement planning + Health coaching

We will discuss your current supplement regimen and make adjustments as necessary. Remember that supplements are to "supplement" your lifestyle changes. We will discuss the various lifestyle adjustments that are required to live life to it's fullest.

Therapeutic supplement plans typically last 2-6 months and can cost $100-400+ depending on the level of dysfunction being corrected. Maintenance plans will be recommended following improvement of your condition to prevent reversal.

Health coaching

Doing the same thing expecting a different result is the definition of insanity, but trying to change habits can feel unmanageable. Working with a certified health coach can ease the transition. Spend 50 mins with Dr McElrath while we work together to attain whole person wellness. 

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