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Accepting a limited number of motivated medicaid patients

What does it mean to be motivated?

This means that you are interested in getting healthy,     not just continuing as you have been.

*Patients that are interested in long term disability are not a great fit for this practice, since the goal of Monarch Ideal Care is to help keep the Akron workforce working. 

Why even accept Medicaid?

Because sometimes people that are trying their hardest to support their family need assistance, which is the purpose of Medicaid. If you can't afford the WELLNESS options, but qualify for Medicaid, it can be used to cover selected services. 

*Medicaid products accepted include: Caresource, Buckeye, Molina, and Paramount

What are the covered services?

Medicaid patients have access to in-office visits as well as telehealth visits with Dr McElrath.


*You also get the benefit of self-scheduling, no wait time for visits, and extended visit times.

Want to see if this is the medical practice for you?

Schedule a free, no obligation health consultation with Dr McElrath to get a sense of the practice style before you divulge your medical history.


*Everyone has to do a health consultation appointment prior to any medical care being provided, so prepare for this because medication or referrals are not guaranteed!

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