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Breakdown on constipation

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I'm sure everyone remembers this book, but no one ever wants to talk about it. Well, I want to talk to you about digestion and bowel function, specifically constipation.

Most people don't think about how often or how difficult/easy it is for them to eliminate until there's an issue. But if you haven't gone in a few days/weeks, most run to a pharmacy for a quick fix, never getting to the root cause. Miralax, Colace, Fleets enema, and Mag Citrate are over-the-counter go to medications to fix what is just the symptom of a larger problem.

What's the larger problem? Thank you for asking. It's digestion and gut health. How your body breaks down the things you eat, uses what it needs and eliminates the things it doesn't makes up your digestion. If there's a dysfunction in any of those steps you have potential for constipation.

So what is constipation? WebMD says "Being constipated means your bowel movements are tough or happen less often than normal." But normal means something different to different people. The rule of thumb that I give to patients is at least once a day have a soft, easy to pass, formed stool.

What causes constipation? It can be as simple as a poor diet or dehydration. But another issue that I've found people to have frequently is that they aren't fully digesting what they eat. Taking medications to deal with acid reflux, can actually impairing your ability to break down your food to a size that your body is able to utilize it. This means your body isn't able to get the most nutrients from the things you eat; even when you're eating healthy.

The fix for this is easy. Along with adjusting your diet so it's full of vegetables, fruits, good sources of fiber and plenty of water; you can start a digestive enzyme. They have an abundance of the molecules that break down your food so your body can utilize it.

The one that I recommend to patients is by USANA. With this product, I've successfully treated constipation, acid reflux, and abdominal pain caused by an inability to produce pancreatic enzymes. It's not a stimulant, so it doesn't force you to go and mess up your natural ability to eliminate, like Colace can at times. And you only take it as often as you need it.

"The USANA Difference

This product offers a wide range of supplemental enzymes that support the breakdown of dietary carbohydrates, fats, protein, lactose, and cellulose. So don’t worry if you’re feeling bloated after that big meal—this supplement can help relieve your bellyache and support the hard work of your digestive system.*"

If this sounds like you then try out USANA Digestive Enzymes. Your bowels will thank you. Click Digestive Enzyme to purchase.

Need help figuring out a a healthy diet and developing the skills to sticking to it. Sign up for Health Coaching through Monarch Ideal Care.

Continue in great health,

Leslee R. Mcelrath, MD

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