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Supplement Highlight - CellSentials by USANA

I truly believe the body has the ability to heal itself, but sometimes it needs a little help. There are so many options when it comes to supplements and it's very easy spend a lot of money without actually seeing improvement. Every supplement company recommended is used in the Monarch Ideal Care office by patients or staff. No guarantees, but we love these products.

CellSentials by USANA

We are going to start this year off right with a multivitamin that actually works.

Do you feel tired all the time, even when you think you have enough sleep? It might be an issue of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Even those with the cleanest diets can have this problem if using the grocery store for their produce. This is because most fruits and vegetables are picked before they are truly ripe, which is when the fruit/vegetable deposits the majority of its vitamins and minerals. Things are picked before they are ripe so they have longer shelf life, but this makes them less than optimally nutritious. To fill in the nutritional gaps from modern agriculture practices or even from eating a typical American diet full of processed foods; start the CellSentials from USANA.

My personal experience with this supplement is that within 30 minutes of taking it, I feel awake. Not medicated or caffeinated, but a bone deep sense that I have the energy needed to conquer the day. And taking it at night doesn't disrupt my sleep like drinking a cup of coffee would.

There are lots of options on the market and starting your foray into the supplement market can leave you with very expensive urine while never feeling any better. This is by far the best multivitamin that I've ever used and I recommend it all the time. Try it out today!

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