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The trick and the no show

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

As I sit in my office following a no-show of a telehealth meet and greet I'm obviously reminded that not everyone is ready to get healthy. But like, who no shows a visit you can do from home that's FREE!? Back to the point, making the decision to change is difficult and sometimes when it comes to it it's easier to fall back on what's comfortable than to adjust.

I know that I've had that issue when it comes to my weight for most of my high school through adult life. I was always able to make up an excuse as to why I wasn't willing to change. "My boyfriend didn't care that I was getting bigger" "Clothes are expensive and I'm broke right now" "I finally have boobs and don't want to lose them" But they were all just reasons that my brain gave me to stay doing what was easy and comfortable. Exercise is NOT comfortable! Portion control is NOT comfortable! Cooking every meal that I eat is NOT comfortable!

But recently, I began learning about nutrition, something that is lacking in most medical school and residency curricula, and found out that the body can actually be tricked into craving the thing that hurts it. Makes a lot of sense when you think about smoking, but never crossed my mind about eating things that increase inflammation in my body. Things that make me sluggish and gain weight. But the same trick can work in reverse, I can trick my body into craving the things that I currently believe aren't comfortable.

I do this with a guide into fitness (Better Body Industries,

so that I don't injure myself, but also to help push me when I don't want to go. That's what I am for my patients, a guide to the healthier, more body aware person that they have been on the inside. Interested in finding out how you can get COMFORTABLE with being healthy and staying that way? Sign up for a FREE Health Consultation meet and greet!

Now I have to go and exercise on a hot humid day! Still working on convincing myself that this is comfortable. But I'm down 7 lbs so I'll continue to give it a go.

Continue in great health,

Leslee R. Mcelrath, MD

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