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What to expect from this blog

I've never done a blog before. Honestly always felt that I didn't have much to say and the stuff I wanted to say wouldn't be something that others would find interesting. Actually, when I was a teenager, I got into fiction writing because I wanted to have a diary, but thought my life was too boring, so I wrote one for someone else. My love for writing and stories started there.

I tend to write the way I speak, so if you decide to come into the office after reading the things I've written, then you will already know my voice. My inflection, tone and sarcastic nature are something that I feel you have to experience to get the full benefit of my writing, but that's my opinion.

But back to the topic of this post "What to expect from this blog". It will be my journal for the world to see. I'll be posting about new things I'm learning, patient experiences (with their permission of course), I might even delve back into fiction writing (giving you a chapter at a time as I write it). I'll try to keep it short and sweet, so you don't get sick of reading, and I will TRY to stay on topic, though that is usually difficult for me. Everything will be tagged so you can easily find the things that are interesting to you. I may not read the comments section often, so if you need me to see something then send it as a contact email.

Above all else, I will be genuinely, unapologetically me. Hope you enjoy!

Continue in great health,

Leslee R Mcelrath, MD

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